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Welcome to Roguehusky Kennels...

The last few years Roguehusky Kennels has been quietly carrying on and our dogs have not been that involved in showing in recent times. However our breeding program is still ticking along . We have some of our younger stars that are now in their prime along with our next generation of up n coming youngsters. Our breeding program has been stronger than ever, so we are looking forward to a bright future. Keep your eye out for us in the coming months.

The last couple of years we have invested a great amount into our breeding program. After many years of building a strong foundation we can finally see some of our plans come to fruition. Some of our first generations are now having great success in the ring and we look forward to it being continued on as they become part of our breeding program in the future. You can also see some of the dogs we have acquired Frozen Semen from; these dogs will help us secure a very healthy breeding plan in the future. We have many things planned over the next 5 years, so if you are interested drop back in to see what we are up to.

We are happy to share with anyone, what we can when it comes to Siberian Huskies, whether you are new to the breed or experienced. If you show dogs, breed dogs or race them we are always open to talking. Also for those who are very keen & dedicated on the odd occasion we may have dogs available for showing. If you are a junior handler & keen to show a nice Siberian, we are happy to discuss with you showing one of our dogs. All of our dogs are very friendly & love to show.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Web Site and look forward to seeing you again soon. We have a passion to learn all we can about Siberian Huskies and strive to improve the breed. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us. We love to talk about Siberian Huskies.



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Dinga Head 18 Months.JPG

Ding A Ling

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