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About Us

We are a small kennel in Perth Western Australia. All of our dogs live with us as spoilt family pets, they are all well looked after & loved. We strive to breed good quality Siberian Huskies that represent proudly what a Siberian husky should be. On occasions we have Siberian Huskies available to loving show homes as well as the odd pet that needs a home. All Siberians that are petted are sold fixed up as they are strictly pets only, not for breeding.

It is our passion to keep the integrity of this wonderful breed, trying to breed from the best bloodlines we can get. We want others in the future to enjoy the very same dog that we have grown to love without the Siberian losing its quality or identity. Our kennel is based on top producing lines from the USA & all our foundations have been carefully chosen. You do not have to look too hard at the pedigrees of our dogs to find some very well known Siberians in there. We are very lucky to have some of the best bloodlines available in Australia here in our own kennel.

We value very highly good structure & movement in all our dogs, as the Siberian is a breed that is bred for endurance. We want to be good stewards of the Siberian always measuring what we have & breed against the standard thoroughly. It has been a long time getting started but good things always take time & plenty of care. We are confident that we have a good start.

We are happy to talk to anyone wanting to know more about Siberian Huskies or if you are another breeder we would love to share your experiences. We love to learn all we can about Siberian Huskies. So let’s share the journey.

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