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RBIS/MBISS Aust/Am/Can Ch. Coalvalley Red Storm (imp Can) "Ying"

Ying is Multiple Best In Specialty Show winner.




Great Grandparents

MBIS/MBISS Am/Can/Int Ch. Stormwarning Calm B4 the Storm (CAN)

Can Ch. Octobersun's Stormwarning Echo (CAN)

Am/Can Ch. Aurluk's Nikita Sunrise (CAN)

Simayak's Total Eclipse (CAN)

BIS Am/Can Ch. Simyak's Atari Outlaw (CAN)

Can Ch. Ihalmiut's American Dream (CAN)

Can Ch. Octobersun's Autumn Splendor (CAN)

Can Ch. Tazoric's Pride at Coalvalley (CAN)

Can Ch. Tazoric's Hope of LeCreme (CAN)

MBIS/MBISS Am/Can Ch. Sekene's Kristari's Storyteller (CAN)

Kristari's Chardonnay (USA)

MBIS/MBISS Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Fire and Frost (USA)

MBIS/MBISS Am/Can Ch. Bain's Northern Stebben Starbuck (CAN)

MBIS/MBISS Am/Can Ch. Tazoric's Stars And Stripes (CAN)

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